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What the Weaverbird Heard:

§ “… love your work!”

§ “It’s fun to see how the designs and colors only you could dream up work so well together. I haven’t seen any that I don’t care for.”

§ “ We bought two of your dish towels … we would like to purchase 8 more from you …”

§ “Bev is the consummate weaver. Owning a piece of Bev’s work is to own a piece of creativity unmatched by other weavers. The piece will stand the test of time and of many washings as it gets used and used.”

§ “…so pretty and Bev is a wonderful hand weaver…I have some of her towels and a table topper.”

§ “Finding something truly as beautiful as Bev’s weaving is unique. I am thrilled to say that I have several pieces from her loom and they are incredibly useful in my home. Her weaving is amazing and I consider her work functional pieces of art!”

§ “I am ready for my next order. Hurrah! I’m glad I found you!”

§ “…such wonderful woven towels. At our house they truly serve as relics of harmony and of evidence of your genius.”